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Private Lessons

from 95.00

Start your learning program with a private 1 hour lesson with one of our team of PGA of Canada Professionals. Students will warm up and practice on our private lesson tee then review video on an 8’ projector screen in one of our two air conditioned studios. All students have access to teaching aids, FlightScope launch tools, high speed photography and full video review. See your swing in high definition with high speed capture and have it compared to PGA/LPGA Tour Pros. Every student will be emailed a voiced movie file and be given drills to ensure productive practice for better golf.

Single Lesson: $95.00 (+hst)

Series of Three: $270.00 (+hst)

Series of Five: $425.00 (+hst)

Single Lesson with Kevin: $160.00 (+hst)

Series of Three with Kevin: $405.00 (+hst)

Series of Five with Kevin: $625.00 (+hst)

All lesson packages must be completed one year from date of purchase to take advantage of package discounts.

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Medium Bucket Practice Pack

from 79.95

Save on your practice with our no expiry practice cards.

10 Buckets: $90.00 (79.95+hst)  

20 Buckets: $170.00 (150.44hst)

Bucket Count:
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Give Golf a Try Clinic


This introductory program is designed to get you started off on the right foot. In four 1 hour lessons new golfers will learn the basics of the golf swing. Our highly trained team of PGA of Canada Professionals will teach you all your swing fundamentals . Focus will be placed on the starting position, the backswing and the finish position. At the end of your lessons you will be able to swing a golf club with a balanced, athletic motion. 
This clinic is designed for the new golfer or beginner golfers who have never taken any instruction.

Saturdays           April 8 - 29              10am - 11am  2 Spots Remaining

Thursdays          April 20 -May 11       6pm - 7pm SOLD OUT

Wednesdays      April 26 - May 17      7pm - 8pm   Sold Out

Mondays            May 1 - 22                7pm - 8pm   1 Spot Remaining

Thursdays          May 11 - June 1         7pm - 8pm SOLD OUT

Tuesdays            May 16 - June 6       8pm - 9pm  1 Spot Remaining

Fridays              May 19 - June 9        10am - 11am

Tuesdays           May 23 - June 13      6pm - 7pm   Sold Out

Saturdays          June 3 - 24               9am - 10am  Sold Out

Mondays            June 5 - 26              7pm - 8pm    Sold Out

Wednesdays      June 21 - July 12      6pm - 7pm    Sold Out

Tuesdays           July 4 - 25                7pm - 8pm    Sold Out

Thursdays         July 27 - August 17  6pm - 7pm     Sold Out

Wednesdays     August 9 - 30          7pm - 8pm    Sold Out

Tuesdays          August 29 - September 19     6pm - 7pm

Saturdays         September 9 - 30    10am - 11am  1 Spot Remaining


$140.00 CAD (+hst) per person

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Club Fitting Session

from 75.00

If you're in the market for a new set of irons and hybrids spend an hour with one of our expert PGA Fitting Professionals. Ottawa's top club fitters will find the perfect set of irons for you. All of your questions will be answered. We'll determine your dynamic lie angle, club length, shaft material makeup, shaft stiffness, kick point and torque, club face design, degree of offset, overall club weight, grip size and grip type. Your professional will recommend top brands based on your personal club specifications. We'll also help you pick out your set makeup for ideal gapping and ball flight with consideration for your golf equipment budget.

With PGA Staff: $75.00 CAD (+hst)

With Kevin: $85.00 CAD (+hst)

Teaching Professional:
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2017 Birdie Membership


Our Basic Range Membership - this membership entitles you to any regular-sized bucket (small, medium or large) for only $3 before 6:30pm any day of the week. After 6:30pm you pay only $5 per bucket.
Members also receive 10% off any lesson or lesson program in 2017. 

**NEW FOR 2017** Immediate family members can practice with you and pay just 1/2 price. (Limit 2 guests per visit)

Kevin Haime Golf Centre Members also get incredible discounts at our partner courses:    Significant green fee discounts at our partner clubs eQuinelle Golf Club, Perth Golf Club, Amberwood Golf Club, Thunderbird Golf, and Brockville Golf Club. Green fee discounts of up to 35%. Please call for details.

Memberships are valid from day of purchase through October 15, 2017.

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Parent Junior Clinic


(Ages 5 - 11)  4 1/2 hours of instruction
The same program as our Junior "Let's Get Started" Clinic but with mom or dad to make the learning more fun and lasting. These three 1 1/2 hour sessions teach your child the basics of golf in a fun learning environment. Parents will benefit from the instruction as they help their child learn the fundamentals of golf.
If your child is older than 10 years old please call one of our lesson consultants to discuss if this is the best program for your family.   

Sundays              May 21 - June 4            10am - 11:30am   Sold Out

Thursdays           June 8 - 22                   7pm - 8:30pm

Tuesdays             August 8 - 22               7pm - 8:30pm 1 Spot Remaining


3 x 1 1/2 Hour: $175.00 CAD (+hst) (87.50 per person)

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