Golf Pool Rules -- 2019 - Leaderboard

Welcome to the Kevin Haime PGA Tour Money Race Pool. 

This year the pool will start at the Genesis Open and will run through the Tour Championship ending August 25, 2019 Bonus Fedex Cup Money will not be counted.

All entries must be received by 8am Thursday February 14th, 2019.

In 2019 entries must be filled out on-line and submitted on our official entry form.

Only money earned at or after the Genesis Open up to and including the Tour Championship will count.

Selection process:

  • Choose two players from each section

  • Players are arranged in groupings based on their World Rankings

    • Tier 1 World Rankings 1 - 10

    • Tier 2 World Rankings 11 - 40

    • Tier 3 World Rankings 41 - 70

    • Tier 4 World Rankings 71 - 100

    • Tier 5 World Rankings 101-125

    • Tier 6 World Rankings 126 - 175

    • Tier 7 World Rankings 176 - 225

    • Tier 8 Oh Canada

    • Tier 9 Outside Looking In Long Shots

Prizes will be awarded to the top eight finishers at season’s end and will be announced on Tee It Up - TSN 1200 Ottawa.

NOTE: In the spirit of fair play we are asking that each participant only enter one team. One entry per participant please.

This year’s pool is once again being powered by Easy Office Pools

Golf Pool Leaderboard

Good luck and have fun!