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We’ve teamed up with Topgolf to bring the next level of practice to the Kevin Haime Golf Centre. We’re excited about our new Launch Bays, powered by Toptracer Range
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 Monday - Friday 10am - 6:30pm           $25 per hour (+HST)

Monday - Friday 6:30pm - 9pm              $30 per hour (+HST)

Saturday and Sunday                               $30 per hour (+HST)

            613-591-0006 or fill out this form to reserve. 

At the Kevin Haime Golf School we have 16 Bays powered by Toptracer Golf's radar tracking systems. Using the same tech used on tour to track ball flight, you can improve your game shot by shot, or bring new fun to practice with 4 game modes and two analysis tools.

Launch Bay Pricing
from 25.00

Non Peak Hours Monday - Friday 10am - 6:30pm $25 per hour

Peak Hours Monday - Friday 6:30pm - Close and Weekends $30 per hour

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TopTracer Multipack
from 110.00

Love Toptracer? Multipack cards are a great way to save and have fun!

Non-Peak Hours: 5 hours $110

10 hours $210

Peak Hours: 5 hours $130

10 hours $250

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Launch Pad

Launch Pad is our way of making your time at the driving range with friends even better. Using Toptracer Golf tracking as well as a lounge area, turn a regular afternoon of practice into a competition between friends, rivals or anything else. From long drive contests without the 'he said she said' to target practice using the greens and signs you can see in real life, Launch Pad is going to be the ultimate arcade golf experience. 

Long Drive

Finally settle the score on who can hit the furthest and the range into a long drive grid.

Points Game

Challenge yourself of your friends to a points based game on how close you can get to the targets. 

Launch Monitor.png

Launch Monitor

This training mode offers stats like distance, ball speed, height, and more to help you hone your skills.

Play a round of golf using Top Tracer Virtual Golf

Closest to the Pin

Challenge yourself and your friends to see whose swing is the most accurate, with the ultimate goal of a hole-in-one.

Virtual Golf.png

Virtual Game

Try your hand at playing up to 18 holes on world-renowned courses from your local range.

What's in my bag?

Dig deeper into the details for each type of club in the bag. Plus, connect with the Toptracer community app to store your stats over time.

Top Tracer Sting Banner.png

Ready to launch your game to the next level?

Call 613-591-0006 or Fill Out this Form to book your LaunchPad Experience